Vintage Wedding Dress May Be More Cost Efficient


Styles in wedding dresses are constantly changing. Yet, the vintage wedding dresses are always considered in style because they always bring classic feel to the wedding. If the bride enjoys wearing frills and ornate lace and the color ivory, then vintage is the style for her. Brides who tend to be sentimental about family and traditions will also find the vintage dress appealing. Many times dresses are passed down from generation to generation and using a vintage dress may helps manage the costs of the wedding. Modern brides also enjoy the simplicity found in the vintage designs.

What is it that creates that vintage look and appeal? It is found in the construction and design of the dress. There are many signature designs found in vintage wedding dresses; some include a wing bust, tea length, puffy skirt. The dress was usually white with silver, and gold accents. Pastel color are also popular for vintage wedding dresses.

According to The New York Amsterdam News Trends section, designer Katherine Robinson’s company Whirlingturban began designing classic vintage wedding dress some time ago. Although many of Robinson’s clients have their dresses specially tailored, there is a affordable part of the line being sold at wedding boutiques at moderate prices between $200-$900.

When consider the type of wedding dress to wear, it’s a big decision. For the bride wanting and needing to be cost efficient, a vintage dress, or replica, may be the best choice.