Why Adopt?

According to UNICEF, there are over 140 million orphaned children currently in the world today. Most of these children will grow up to know nothing but hardship, suffering and pain. In some areas of the world, orphans are used for child labor, as well as being sold into slavery by human traffickers. For some people, the fact that there are so many orphaned children available for adoption and the current state of the world, there is no real reason to create more children.


There are many sound arguments for becoming adoptive parents. Individuals who are pro-active adopters believe they are capable of giving a child love and a good home. These individuals and choose to adopt based on the fact that there are so many orphaned children in the world, so there is absolutely no good reason to create additional children.

People who put forth the pro-adoptive stance, believe that the current state of humankind could be vastly improved if parents chose to adopt children over biologically having them. Being a parent is not about the act of procreation, it’s about loving and caring for a child. In a world that is currently experiencing a population explosion, along with environmental hazards, is it actually smart to increase the population?

If the act of responsible adoption became a mainstream idea, the result would be a more stable, caring and diverse friendly world. There is a difference between wanting to become a parent and loving another human being, than the biological need to procreate in order to seed the world with one’s genes.

When one considers that there are indeed over 140 million orphaned children in the world, most in need and living in terrible circumstances, it can be seen that the idea of adoption truly represents the true concept of parenting.

Individuals that are making an active choice to choose a child or children, and give them the absolute best they can afford, in regards to food, shelter and education, truly understand the concept of parenthood. Parents that actively choose to adopt are choosing to love this child, and psychologically and emotionally support them through life’s ups and downs. It’s easy to see that this choice, adoption, shows the true meaning of parenthood.

For some people the idea of family and parenthood simply means passing on their genetic code to the masses. For others, it means actively searching for a child to love, regardless of background factors such as ethnicity, skin color, or culture. Indeed, parents who adopt recognize that these children have different backgrounds that need to be appreciated and supported as the child grows into adulthood. For those who fear that the human race will cease to exist if adoption becomes a mainstream practice, this is not only a silly and unfounded supposition, but one that is irrelevant to the issue at hand.

Couples who choose adoption are giving a child a chance in this world, one that was unceremoniously denied them. The fact that they are choosing love over the base and biological need to ‘spread their genes’, shows they are evolved, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. For those individuals who have chosen to adopt, they have definitely made the world a better place by their decision.

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